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169) Uruguay

neo-colonial Estancia & pine plantation
north-east Uruguay

440 hectare / 1087 acre

asking :
US$ 3.900.000
includes 90000 m³ pine wood

sale forest plantation estancia
neo colonial casco

more photos

consists mostly of a pine plantation, 400.000 trees Taeda y Ellioti varieties (Parish, Louisiana, US origin) planted 2001-2002, 90000m³ as of Sept 2015
Casco/Mansion built since 2002 in neo colonial style, designed for being a guest estancia or private residence, forming courtyard with pool and very extensive galleries, latin style, roughly 10x bedroom, 10x bathroom, correspondingly halls, dining, livings, study, 1.040m²total, furniture included. Barn, garage. Gravel road at gate, paved road at 3 km, Montevideo at 320 km.

Unique large fraction with sea view hilltop
Uruguay, Maldonado

360 hectar / 914 acre

asking :
US$ 3.060.000
US$ 8.500/ha

estancia maritima Punta del Este
estancia maritima, Punta del Este region

more photos

50% valley ground with deeper farming soils (grain/cattle), 30% more shallow soils for cattle grazing, 20% rocky hilltop, some small streams
Coneat* = 75
Small weekend cabin, water from well, public electricity. paved road at 3 km, Punta del Este at 45 km (30min)
property with great views towards lake and Atlantic and towards hillside interior in the most upmarket and sought after region of Uruguay.
(can generate a small farming net income)

80 ha Olive plantation with 473 ha scenic land reserve
Uruguay, Atlantic coastal range

553 hectare / 1366 acre

asking :
US$ 2.155.000

olive plantation uruguay for sale
olive plantation

more photos

60-65% decent agricultural land for livestock and various cultivations. 35-40% for extensive lifestock (cow/calf , sheep). Vineyard is an option.
Coneat* = 76
80 ha olive plantation, expert planted 2010 + 2011
1x farmstead/casco, modernised, with house for 8-10 farm workers, 1x barn. 1x abandoned farmstead
town of Rocha at 45 km, Atlantic coast&beach at 75 km, Montevideo at 250 km, Punta del Este at 150 km
located in a rather rugged and scenic region of Uruguay

ranchland close to coast
Uruguay, Canelones

318 hectare / 785 acre

asking :
US$ 1.940.000
US$ 6.100/ha

ranchland near coast uruguay
ranchland near coast

more photos

Hilly open range/pasture land, apt for cattle ranching or forestation (pine, eucalyptus), smaller fractions possibly apt for farming
small streams
Coneat* = 75 aprox
Owners home, stables, livestock installations, 10x fenced subdivisions
public paved road at 4 km, Atlantida / beaches at 20km, Montevideo, airport at 50 km
The main characteristic of the property is the privileged location. Secluded but very close to Montevideo and coast

small ranch
Uruguay, Florida

226 hectare (ha) / 558 acre

asking :
US$ 1.130.000
US$ 5000/ha

ranchland on river
ranch with riverfront

more photos

¼ lowlands, being natural pasture, covered by native forest, ¾ typical central Uruguay soil combination with 20% deeper sedimentary soils (potential crop soils) and 80% medium depth soil usually for cattle ranching
river frontage (quite scenic, and with sand beach)
Coneat* = 84
Main farmstead, barns, lifestock installations, public electricity, all well maintained
gravel road at gate, paved road at 18 km, town of Durazno at 40km, Montevideo at 200 km

small ranch
Uruguay, Lavalleja

256 hectare (ha) / 632 acre

asking :
US$ 1.152.000
US$ 4500/ha

2/3 being medium productivity crop soils, entire land good cattle grazing / fattening land
small stream
Coneat* = 105
public electricity at gate, modest house for caretaker, small barn + life stock installations
paved road at gate, small town Aigua at 45 km, Montevideo at 200 km

midsize ranch
Uruguay, Lavalleja

440 hectare(ha) / 1087 acre

asking :
US$ 1.320.000

offer cattle ranch Lavalleja
A gently rolling hills rangeland ranch, 1/3 being more superficial soils, 1/3 medium depth, 1/3 deeper soils with cropping potential, entire land suitable for a complete circle cattle breeding + fattening operation
Coneat* = 75
1x main farmstead, currently for care taker, 2x minor farmstead. Barns, complete livestock installations, 14 fenced subdivisions, public electricity.
gravel road at gate, paved road, village at 5 km, Montevideo at 240 km

small farm on fertile diverse terrain
Uruguay, Lavalleja

121 hectare(ha) / 300 acre

asking :
US$ 786.500

offer cattle ranch Lavalleja
15% crop soils (grains, soya) 35% lowlands of excellent fertility for cattle pasture fattening (or crops), 50% more superficial soills for forestation, vineyard, olives. Half of the latter currently being a 20 ha eucalyptus plantation
Major stream, partly forming a lake
Coneat* = 111
Farmstead, 2x barns, livestock instalations, public electricity
gravel road at gate, paved road at 2km, town of Minas at 10 km, Montevideo at 120 km

u271) 150 hectare(ha) / 371 acre
small ranch + forestation
Uruguay, Lavalleja

ranch/farmland Lavalleja
hill country ranch / rangeland

more photos

60 ha eucalyptus forestation, 90 ha rangeland for extensive or intensive cattle ranching
Major stream, partly forming small lakes
Coneat* = 73
pleasant, recently built house 2x bedroom, large barn, livestock instalations, public electricity
gravel road at gate, paved road at 2km, village at 4 km, Montevideo at 185 km, Punta del Este at 105

farm (grain/cattle) close to coast
Uruguay, Canelones

285 hectare(ha) / 704 acre

asking :
US$ 2.052.000

entirely productive farmland, minimum 2/3 for soya/grain production, entirely for intensive cattle ranching, 60% of land currently rented out for soya farming
Coneat* = 107
traditional casco (farmstead) from around 1900, main house (3x bedroom, 3 bathroom) with the typical aspects - high ceilings, ornamented facade, gallery
House for employee, 2x barns, livestock installations, public electricity
gravel road at gate, paved road at 8km, Montevideo at 80 km, coast/beaches at 35 km, Punta del Este at 75 km

medium size bare farmland
Uruguay, Durazno

249 hectare(ha) / 615 acre

asking :
US$ 1.145.000
US$ 4600/ha

farmland arial u277
gently ondulating lands with soil break-up typical for central Uruguay, 30% potentially high yield cropland, 15% lowlands along streams being excellent summer pasture, 55% transition fractions with soils of varying depth, all being good natural pasture. Very appropriate for full circle breeding & fattening cattle operation
major stream
Coneat* = 96
no buildings, no infrastructure.
Therefore rather suited as investment to rent out to producers in the region.
major gravel road at gate, town of Durazno at 25km, Montevideo at 190km

u283) medium size bare grain farmland
Uruguay, Durazno
144 hectare(ha) / 356 acre

farmland arial u283
60% being prime crop soils (and being cultivated, soy/wheat), entire land being good cattle grazing / fattening land
Coneat* = 136
Without major buildings or infrastructure. Therefore rather suited as investment to rent out to producers in the region.
gravel road at gate, town of Durazno at 10km, Montevideo at 180km

hill country cattle ranch close to coast
Uruguay, Rocha

740 hectare(ha) / 1843 acre

asking :
US$ 2.590.000

Very diverse and scenic hill country ranch consisting of deeper soils fractions towards the valley grounds as cattle pasture land, more superficial soils on hill sides currently used for forestation (200 ha eucalyptus) up to spots of quite rugged and scenic nature
various streams, some forming rock formation ponds and waterfalls
Coneat* = 59
traditional casco (farmstead) forming courtyard with cystern, of partly 19th century origin, mainwing (3x bedroom, living etc) as owners home, sidewing as caretaker's home, large barns (110+60qm) and various outbuildings
complete livestock handling infrastructure, including huge picturebook ancient fieldstone corral
town of Rocha at 22km, Montevideo at 220 km, Atlantic coast/beaches (La Paloma, La Pedrera) at 50 km
combines the feel of seclusion with proximity to coast and town, with beautiful scenery, authentic character at an attractive price

fraction of eucalyptus plantation
Uruguay, Lavalleja

276 hectare(ha) / 682 acre

asking :
US$ 800.400
US$ 2900/ha

farmland arial u290
Fraction of land with aprox. 80% planted with eucalyptus, all cut 2011/2012, since then first re-sprout (“primer rebrote”) 89% soils “prioridad forestal”
Coneat* = 72
no buildings, no infrastructure.
Therefore rather suited as sole forestinvestment.
Montevideo at 180km

grain and cattle farm
Uruguay, Durazno

627 hectare(ha) / 1549 acre

asking :
US$ 3.448.500
US$ 5500/ha

farmland arial u297
Land gently rolling topography, 55-60% being high quality crop soils, remaining lands w. medium depth soils. Very appropriate for a combined grains/soy and catte operation
various streams
Coneat* = 143
Modest farmstead, barn, livestock facilities
town of Durazno at 70km, Montevideo at 250km

rented out until May 2019 at currently (2015) USD120.000 p.a


fraction bare farm/pasture land
Uruguay, Durazno

460 hectare(ha) / 1136 acre

asking :
US$ 1.702.000
US$ 3700/ha

farmland arial u298
Lands of more pronounced topography, 2/3 allowing for improved pasture and/or feed crops, allowing for a complete cycle breeding/fattening cattle operation
major stream
Coneat* = 97
no buildings, no infrastructure.
Therefore rather suited as investment to rent out to producers in the region.
major gravel road at gate, Montevideo at 300km (area being one of Uruguay’s remoter ones)

Prime soy/grain farm
Uruguay, Soriano

441 hectare(ha) / 1089 acre

asking :
US$ 4.410.000
US$ 10000/ha (negotiable)

farmland pic u301
72% of property deep prime crop soils (soya, wheat, corn etc) 28% medium depth soils for natural or improved cattle pasture and/or extensive crop rotation
various streams
Coneat* = 180
Modest farmstead, public electricity
paved road almost at gate, NuevaPalmira grain seaport 55km, Montevideo at 215 km

bare prime soy/grain farmland
Uruguay, Rio Negro

340 hectare(ha) / 840 acre

asking :
US$ 2.890.000
US$ 8500/ha

farmland satel. image u302
72% of property deep prime crop soils (soya, wheat, corn etc), 28% lowlands as natural cattle pasture land
various streams
Coneat* = 183
without significant buildings or improvements
paved road at 4 km, Young 15km, Montevideo at 320 km

rented out at currently (2015) 650kg soja / hectare p.a.


fraction of rangeland / farmland
Uruguay, Lavalleja

366 hectare(ha) / 904 acre

asking :
US$ 1.647.000
US$ 4500/ha

uruguayfarmland satel.image u305
Fraction of hilly rangeland, 2/3 of deeper soils, 1/3 of more superficial soils, suitable for cattle farming and (eucalyptus-) forestation
smaller streams
Coneat* = 73
No buildings, no infrastructure, public electricity at farm gate
major paved road farm gate, Montevideo 190 km, Punta del Este 180 km

farmland with great agricultural potential
Uruguay, Lavalleja

162 hectare(ha) / 400 acre

asking :
US$ 794.000
US$ 4900/ha

farmland offer Lavelleja Uruguay image u306
83% of property crop soils (soya, wheat, corn etc) 17% lowlands or superficial soils, cattle pasture land Rio Santa Lucia frontage, plus smaller streams
Coneat* = 140
No buildings, no infrastructure, public electricity at farm gate
paved road at 10 km, Montevideo at 111 km
Listings published on our website are a fraction of the properties we can offer. Please inquire.
commission for buyer : 3% ( + VAT, if applicable )

* Coneat = Uruguay's soil fertility / productivity rating system. The system covers all rural properties. Each property as well as each soil type is rated accordingly. 100 would indicate medium fertility/productivity by Uruguayan standards, often a major part of it being suitable for agriculture, 150 would indicate a high yield cropland.
detailed scientific description of each soil type :
soils type 0 - soils type 1+2 - soils type 3+4+5 - soils type 6+7 - soils type 8+9 - soils type 10 - soils type 11+12+13

amounts spelled continental way, "500.000" = "five-hundred-thousand" (500,000 in the US)

Disclaimer: This information is from sources deemed reliable but not guaranteed by us. Properties are subject to prior sale, price change, correction or withdrawal.